Aspenyarrow is the amalgamation of the two distinct backgrounds between Kayti Heller and Joshua Jeffries. The result is an electropop duo that infuse their songs with a dense electronic landscape, rich vocal harmonies, and emotive lyrics with a personal narrative. Aspenyarrow is an Alaska-based ensemble whose art is often inspired by the beauty and struggles presented in an environment that is isolated and centered around nature.

Kayti Heller

Kayti is a singer-songwriter, jr./sr. high school music teacher, and electronic music lover. She discovered her passion for music while singing in choirs and was most recently the lead singer of Kayti and the Alter Boys and winner of the first annual Alaskan voice competition, The Stars We Are. Previously, she was a member of the improv acting troupe, Iditaprov, and dabbler in all things music especially jazz, blues, folk, and rock. Kayti has been writing choral music since she was 17, started writing in other genres 3 years later, and developed her solo career the summer of 2018. Performing and writing is therapeutic for her and she hopes the results will be therapeutic for others. Kayti lives in Talkeetna with her family consisting of 2 daughters, 1 dog, 2 goats, 11 ducks, and 1 husband.

Josh Jeffries

Josh Jeffries (aka Gardenss) is a music producer based out of frigid interior Alaska. With a background in guitar composition, rock/avant-garde music and computer instrument programming, Josh has enveloped a multi-faceted style in the electronic genre. Inspired by his involvement in environmental management and organic agriculture, his music is derivative of the natural world and can be characterized as ‘eco-electronica’. A unique blend of electronic and live sounds. His intention is to produce texturized and immersive songs that evoke the feeling of traversing through a digital boreal forest. His catalog consists of self released material, including a full-length LP released February 2017 titled ‘Under Umbrellas’, an eclectic album featuring guest musicians and a self/titled EP album that was released in Spring 2018. His instrumentals have been featured extensively in promotional videos and independent movies.